Preserving Your Memories in a Snap!

If you’re a scrapbooker, you know that it can sometimes take hours to complete a page.  Some will spend several days creating a work of art.  And, those pages are beautiful!!  But, most of us do not have that much time to spare, so our intention of creating a scrapbook (to save those family memories for generations to come) falls by the way side.

Memories and More is created for the busy pace of today’s life.  With the beautiful packets of cards and pocket page protectors, we can complete several pages, if not a small scrapbook, of a special event in an afternoon.  These pages are attractive and the event is preserved with journaling, so years from now we will remember what happened during that period or event.

In traditional scrapbooking, when the pages are completed, they can’t be changed.  If you need copies of the picture later, you have to try to remove the photo from the page without damaging it.  With the Memories and More system, you can change pictures around as desired.  The pictures are easy to slip out of the pockets so you can make extra copies if needed.


Traditional scrapbooking can use many embellishments, different types of designer papers, and a lot of space for storage.  Memory keeping supplies consist of your scrapbook, page protectors and a set of card inserts.  You need quite a bit of table space to work on traditional scrapbooking, which is not necessary with the Memories and More system.  And, storing your supplies is not a problem.  Each card kit comes in its own little storage box.

The Memories and More products also coordinate with all of Stampin’ Up!’s other products, so you can still be creative and embellish as much or as little as you want!  ANYONE can be successful with the Memories and More system.  It is not expensive, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to complete a beautiful scrapbook.

If you ARE a traditional scrapbooker, you can still use the Memories and More cards. Here’s an example of the system used on a traditional page.

The Memories and More cards can also be used to make quick cards, so there are no leftovers!

I hope you’ll try this wonderful, time saving, inexpensive way to preserve your family memories for your grandchildren and generations to come.

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