Happy New Year (and New Catalog)!!

I hope you are having a great new year! We had our traditional southern New Year’s meal of bacon, greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread. We were on our first real trip in the RV, so I cooked these on a tiny stove and convection oven in the RV. But we couldn’t take a chance on bad luck, now, could we? We’re also celebrating the New Year with a New Catalog, so I thought I’d share a few tips with you.

Tips for Finding Products in the New Mini Catalog!

Jan-Apr 2023 Mini New Catalog

New Catalog Jan-Apr 2023 Mini

I absolutely love it when I first get my hands on a printed copy of a new Mini Catalog. After checking out the cover for hints of what’s inside, I start going through the pages with new products one by one. I carefully make my “must buy” list and place my order with Stampin’ Up! While I eagerly await my product delivery, I go online to find out what others have ordered. It’s only then that I find out that I totally missed an embellishment that I would have snapped up in a hot second. How did I do that?

With a Mini Catalog, unfortunately, it’s easy. While the Annual catalog has products in different categories neatly grouped together in sections, not so with the Mini Catalogs. So, unless you study that Mini like it was for a high school math final exam, you’re likely to miss something the first time around. With this article, I’ll give you some hints about where to look for those sneaky products hiding throughout the Mini.

Look Carefully at Pages Advertising “Suites”

New Catalog - Suites

This is what the first two pages look like for every “Suite” in the January – April 2023 Stampin’ Up! Mini Catalog. Pages 8 & 9 Show the “Country Floral Lane” suite. Every product in that suite is listed along the right side of the two-page spread. The best way not to miss anything on these pages is to go through this list one by one.

There are product suite pages like this on pages 14/15, 22/23, 30/31, 42/43, 50/51, 58/59 and 68-69.

Look Even More Carefully at the Other Pages

New Catalog page

On every other page of the Mini Catalog, you won’t necessarily have that neat line up of products. The first set of pages like that is on pages 12 & 13. Yes, there are a few products that are listed across the bottom of the page. But did you see those “Opaque Adhesive-Backed Gems up there in the middle of the 2-page spread, whose picture is running off the page? If it’s not a “Suite” set of pages, check for those out-of-the way listings. I found other such listings on page 19 (the Dragonfly Trinkets), page 37 (Enamel Dot Essentials) and page 67 (small blending brushes). I don’t think there’s anymore. But I could be wrong!

Take Advantage of the New Catalog’s Index Pages WITH PICTURES!

New Catalog Index

In the back of every Mini Catalog these days, there are sections listing all of the products in the Mini in different categories. Look at the “Catalog at a Glance from pages 84 to 87. I particularly pay attention to pages 86 and 87. If there’s something that’s not a major stamp or die set or Designer Series Paper in this catalog, it’s listed here.

Why Do I Need to Do This?

You might ask, “If I went through the catalog so well, why do I need this.” I’ve found that, if I come to a page where the suite or other products just don’t appeal to me, no matter how well I’m studying, I managed to just gloss over it. These two pages may well show you something from a suite that you’d definitely use in your crafting even if the whole suite didn’t appeal.

Enjoy Browsing Your New Mini Catalog!

I think now that I’ve written this, I might just go through the catalog again and see if there’s something else I missed. I hope you enjoy this catalog. But don’t delay! This Mini will only be around for four months!

New Catalog and Sale-a-bration Brochure

If you’re one of my customers, or you don’t have a demonstrator, and you’d like a physical copy of the New Catalog and Sale-a-bration Brochure, just let me know. I’m happy to provide one to you!

Need Supplies?

I’d love for you to shop with me! You may visit my store by clicking on any of the products above or on the 24/7 Shopping link at the bottom of the page. If your order is less than $150, please help me out by using the Host Code. But, if your order is $150 or more, DON’T use the Host Code because you’ve earned FREE product!


Thanks for supporting my small business. I appreciate every single order!!

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