Early Warning System

Those of you who’ve been to my studio know that I don’t have or need a doorbell.  These two warn me if anyone is coming.  They greet everyone at the door and sound vicious.  Once I open the door, they immediately calm down.

Some of my stamping friends bring treats, so they are extra excited when their “aunties” show up.  Janet has been known to stop by McDonalds and get them a hamburger with no bun, LaAnna brings them toys, and Pat makes home baked treats for them!    How rotten is that?!

Jennie Boo is pictured on the left, and Spanky Doodle is on the right.  Don’t those names make you smile?  They were actually named at the rescue where we adopted them, so I can’t take credit for their cute names, but they are named well.  Jennie is calm and loveable and Spanky is busy, busy, busy.

I found Spanky Doodle online at a rescue in Indiana.  We adopted him and about three weeks later, we got a call from the rescue asking if we were interested in adopting a second dog.  I asked why, and was told that Spanky had a girlfriend when he was at the rescue.  After we adopted Spanky, Jennie wouldn’t play or eat and was listless and depressed.  Then, she got attacked by a boxer and they didn’t know if she would make it.  I told them if she lived, we would take her.

When we first got her she was so timid she wouldn’t come out of her crate for anything.  I had to pull her out to put her outside, and she was so scared that she would “wet” all over me.  Gradually (with Spanky’s help) we gained her trust.  But, if anyone came over she would hide in the corner behind the furniture.

She’s come a LONG way.  She now greets people at the door and sits on everyone’s lap.  She even noses Spanky out of the way to get her share of attention.

I can’t imagine life without these two, and as Triva at the rescue told us, they really are “two peas in a pod” even though they have such opposite temperaments.

If you have room in your life for a pet, there are so many that need good homes.  I hope you’ll consider a rescue pup of your own.


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