Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our first port of call on last week’s Royal Carribean cruise was Dubrovnik.  Croatia has had quite an interesting past, and been a part of several countries.  During all this time, the old city has never been destroyed by any of the wars, although it was damaged by an earthquake.

The gate going into the old city.


The “shiny street”.  Although you can’t see it well with all the people, the marble street is worn to a shine from all the foot traffic, and can be quite slippery.


The doors along this street, all look like this.  They are called “knee doors”.  In days past, the shopkeeper would be inside the space, and the customer would walk up to the left side as a sort of “counter” to transact their business.


A former monestary.  The Romans kicked the monks out, and used it as a stable.


And here’s my traveling companion, my husband Steve.  He doesn’t really care to have his picture posted, but he doesn’t read my blog, so we won’t tell him…… 🙂


Of course, I have many, many more pictures, but I’ll just pick a few highlights for you.

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