Valentines for Veterans

Every year, the Bluegrass Stampers make Valentines for Veterans (VFVs) to give to our local veterans.  Last year, we took 606 VFVs to the VA hospital in Louisville.

This year, we took 422 VFVs to the VA clinic and pharmacy at the hospital at Fort Knox for distribution to the veterans.

My friend, Judy, who lives in Knoxville, TN has a valentine making party in January and sends those cards to me for this project.  Without the help of her friends, we wouldn’t have nearly as many cards!  Thanks, Judy and friends!


We had a lot of beautiful cards, but I wanted to showcase a couple of my favorites, made by my good friend, LaAnna.  Not only beautiful valentines, but patriotic as well!

If you’re a veteran, I’d like to say Thank You for Your Service!  And, thanks for stopping by today.

Valentines for Veterans Contest

This will be the last Valentine post this year.  But, I did want to share pictures of the cards from my contest.  The cards were posted on my Bluegrass Stampers Facebook group (without names), and everyone voted for their favorite.

Please note:  Although my watermark says “Images by Stampin’ Up!”, many of these images are NOT SU.  I was hoping to have another Watermark to use for this post, but my computer guru is super busy, and quite frankly, I have no idea how to make one myself!  LOL

First up, a great patriotic card by Jessica.

VFV 2016 Jessica

Next, a beautiful faux quilted card by Janet D.

VFV - Janet D

Lots of hearts on this sweet card by Janet H.

VFV - Janet H

I just love the dangling hearts on this card by Helen S.

VFV - Helen S

A pretty Happy Heart Day card by Diane B.

VFV - Diane B

And, last but not least, the winning entry by Donna T!  Congratulations, Donna!

VFV - Donna T

Well, that’s it for Valentines!  Stay tuned for more current offerings!

Valentines for Veterans

Yes, I know it’s well past Valentines Day, but I wanted to share with you pictures of the Valentines for Veterans (VFVs) we took to the Veterans Hospital in Louisville, KY.

January is a busy month for me, as I try to coordinate VFVs every year.  I started over ten years ago by sending 40 cards I had made myself.  Every year it’s grown as more people participate.  This year we had over 600!!   I set up three cardmaking sessions, and we made 250 cards!  I cut cardstock for these cards in advance, then called in the “troops” for stamping, embossing, and assembly.

Our first card was designed by a good friend of mine, Billie Moan, in Tennessee.  You may know her by her website, Rambling Rose Studio.  If not, check out her blog here.  She is incredible!  This card was her swap at the last Stampin’ Up! Leadership event in January of 2015.  I’ve been hanging on to it for a while.  With the help of  Diane B and Janet H, we made 50 of these in only two hours!

VFV 2016 1 VFV 2016 2

The next two cards were made at my house the following week.  We made 50 each of both designs.


VFV 2016 3 VFV 2016 4

Note:  Marbling stamp on large pink heart is not SU.

VFV 2016 5 VFV 2016 6

Note:  Happy Valentines Day stamp and decorative paper is not SU.  Several people donate supplies for VFVs, and I use what I have!

I couldn’t have done it without LaAnna M, Sue C, Pam S, and Janet H.  Thank you, ladies!!  We made 100 cards in two hours!

VFV 2016 12

The next cards were made the following week.  Again, we made 50 each of these two, and again it only took us two hours!  This card was inspired by LaAnna M.  After an event at our church, they were raking the sparkly foam hearts into the trash.  LaAnna said, “NO!  We can use those!”  And, use them we did!

VFV 2016 7 VFV 2016 8

Note:  Again, the HVD stamp is not SU.

VFV 2016 9 VFV 2016 10

Note:  Embossing folder is not SU.

Here’s a picture of the hard working gals who made these cards possible.  Janet H (who participated all three times!), Suzette, Pam S, Sue C, and Barbie.  Thanks, ladies!!

VFV 2016 11

And last, but not least, a good friend of mine in Knoxville, TN, organized a group of stampers there who made 250 cards of all shapes and sizes!  Thanks so much, Judy!!

VFV 2016 13

During this same period, I also ran a contest on my Facebook Page, Bluegrass Stampers.  I asked members to donate ten cards to the VFV project, and we had an anonymous contest to see which card everyone liked best.  I’ll show you those cards in my next post!